Lacuna Canada

About Lacuna

Lacuna is an innovative initiator in the finance sector, committed to investing in sustainable industries and markets. With a holistic view of the capital market, we develop both individual and integrated solutions for investors. Through this integrated approach, we offer products and financial solutions that are fine-tuned to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers. We believe in handling all transactions involving the capital invested in the spirit of utmost confidence and trust.
Our business activities encompass both regional value-added and growing international markets. Recognizing our responsibility for the capital entrusted to us, we make our activities transparent to our investors and business partners alike. This focus on transparency includes thorough research during all product cycles, as well as open communication with customers, partners, and the media. To do justice to this responsibility, and as a token of faith in our products, we hold investments in our own products.
  • Active asset management in the area of real estate and shares
  • Since 1999 provider of investments in the healthcare market:
    • Lacuna - BB Adamant Asia Pacific Health: the only fund in Europe with a focus on the Asia-Pacific health market
    • Lacuna - BB Adamant Global Healthcare: focus on the world's most successful healthcare companies


Since the 1990's FRONTERIS has been specializing in the renewable energy sector. Initially investing in wind power plants and gradually building up knowledge in the development, realization and financing of wind power, solar and biogas plants.


ILIOTEC, is a professional partner dedicated to photovoltaic systems. ILIOTEC offers the entire service spectrum from project management to inspection and approval and start of operations. In addition, maintenance and follow-up support regarding the system operations are also part of the ILIOTEC portfolio.