Our Business

Lacuna Canada is dedicated to building a portfolio of renewable energy assets across Canada and the United States, based on the reputation of our international parent and the support of our local partners
  • Our team of experts has over 20 years experience in renewable energy including Project Development, EPC, Financing, Operations & Maintenance, and Asset Management
  • With international experience in North America, Europe, India, Asia and Africa our local team provides strategic, technical and commercial management in cooperation with our global partnersĀ 
  • As leaders in the field of renewable energy, our team combines technology know-how with our strategic vision, to implement creative and environmentally sustainable solutions for our clients
  • Combined delivery of overĀ 50 MW of rooftop and utility scale renewable energy projects, providing evaluation and comprehensive assessment services for over 450 MW of project pipelineĀ 
  • Our local team works with a network of regional partners to secure top quality projects
We are looking to establish a network of companies and individuals to help us develop our vision.
  • Lacuna Canada is looking to acquire and develop renewable energy projects
  • Targetting completed or planned utility-scale wind and solar installations or renewable energy projects under development
  • Turnkey wind/solar parks that require an investment partner
  • Operating wind and solar power systems in need of O&M partners
We are looking for technical partners who have access to project pipelines
  • Companies with experience in the technical and commercial operation of wind and solar systems including project developers
  • Companies interested in working with us to finance our renewable energy projects including banks, insurers, financial institutions and private equity investors
  • Most important in our network are the manufacturers, engineers, installers, and constructors that make our projects possible
We want to hear from organizations who are interested in exploring the renewable energy potential of their property
  • Property owners who would like to lease their land for new wind and solar power parks
  • Municipalities that want access to an independent power supply
  • Companies that support environmental initiatives who want a clean, renewable and energy-efficiently source of power